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Accident Management Software

Log on to Fleet Dynamix Managed Fleet Services Ltd

With a user ID and password you are able to access Fleet Dynamix via ANY PC which allows or has web access. Speed of access will be dependent upon your access line and there is no page uploading. There is no disc loading or IT department support requirements (unless you have an ActiveX control in IT, then IT will need to allow access on your PC at work).

Whether you are using the windows or web version of fleetdynamix you will find navigating the system easy. Split into distinct areas you can quickly obtain the information that you need.



Getting started

IncidentUsing the unique MFS reference, you can immediately access individual claims or repairs and review progress. If you don't know the reference you can use the search facility and locate claim or repair details.

Click on the advanced report editor section to view or download detailed reports in a choice of PDF, Excel or XML formats.

Fleet view
Click on Fleet View to get an Instant View of Vehicles Currently Undergoing Repair by current status and progress.


Reports can be scheduled at your convenience and automatically forwarded from Fleet Dynamix direct to your inbox on a choice of PDF, Excel or XML formats, just let us know your requirements and we will provide exactly what you need.

For instructions on how to view claims/repairs or download reports (Fleet Dynamix User Guide) If you have forgotten your password or would like further details on our online facility then please e-mail us on admin@managedfleetservices.co.uk or call us on 0870 8032440.